Index of Coronation Articles

Note on translations: English renditions of Latin liturgical texts are largely taken from Leopold George Wickham Legg‘s English Coronation Records,  a book of immense importance to this project. Unless otherwise noted, ordinary type in these sections indicates Legg’s translation, and italic type indicates modifications I have inserted where my Latin skills (if skills they deserve to be called) have noticed a slight deviation from the original. (Such deviations do not necessarily come from a defect in Legg’s scholarship, but from his editorial philosophy, as he reports that he has “sheltered [him]self, where possible, behind the seventeenth century Stewart coronation order.”)


I. The Preparation.

II. The Entrance into the Church.

III. The Recognition.

[The First Oblation]

IV. The Oath.

V. The Presenting of the Holy Bible.

[The Litany]

VI. The Beginning of the Communion Service.

[The Sermon]

VII. The Anointing.

VIII. The Presenting of the Spurs and Sword, and the Oblation of the said Sword.

IX. The Investing with the Armills, the Stole Royal and the Robe Royal: and the Delivery of the Orb.

X. The Investiture per annulum, et per sceptrum et baculum.

XI. The Putting on of the Crown.

XII. The Benediction.

XIII. The Enthroning.

XIV. The Homage.

XV. The Communion.

XVI. Te Deum.

XVII. The Recess.